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Learn from a master trader with over 30 years of experience in options trading. This system will take your trading to the next level, no matter what your experience is. Discover the weekly income option system that has generated outstanding returns for the author, and currently the only option strategy he uses.

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Course Curriculum


Q: Will this system work for other stocks or ETF’s?

A: No. This system was designed specifically for the VXX due to the way it functions and is managed as mentioned in the video. That’s what makes it so precitable and consistently profitable.

Q: What do you recommend for starting capital?

A: As mentioned in the video, it does not make sense to do this strategy with less than $5000 in option margin available.

Q: What are the “weekly calls” you mentioned and are they included and how do they work?

A: They are not included in the price of the course. They will be ONLY available to enrollees of the course, as an option after purchase. I won’t be charging a recurring monthly fee, but I will charge a nominal fee of $25 for attending. I did not make it a recurring month fee because you may not need it every single week, but only on occasion. They will available most weeks. I will do a live analysis of the current numbers with a review, and an entry based on the current numbers so you can look over my shoulder as see my exact entry for that week. If you sign up, a link will be available to join me on a Zoom call at 9:30AM EST on the day of the call.

Q: Is this suitable for beginners in option trading with little or no experience?

A: You should have a basic understanding of how options work and how to enter orders. The course covers advanced topics but anyone with a moderate amount of experience in options should be able to grasp the concepts and implement them without an issue. If you have any questions at all you can ask them on the weekly calls or send me an email.

Q: Can you guarantee I will be successful?

A: I don’t know how well you can follow instructions, have patience or discipline to follow the Rules of the system. So no I cannot guarantee your success.

Q: Do you have a record of the trades you made using this system?

A: The spreadsheet provided as part of the course and seen in the video above includes all the trades I made and the results.

Q: Can your system be used just to trade spikes in the VIX and VXX?

A: Yes, it can. I used my ‘spike’ indicator (see video above) in Febraury and March 2020 to profit from the volatility in the stock market decline.