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Everyone wants it. Most think they can’t have it unless they’re rich. But they have it backwards… here’s why

David Vallieres

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powerful life

Dear Friend,

Most people think that in order to be powerful you need a lot of money.  

Some think that power is reserved for the rich and famous.

A lot of people walk around feeling powerless most of the time.

They think they have little control over their time, what they do, how they think, what they get in life.

The truth is the complete opposite. (You want to see something really powerful?  Read to the end).

The truth is, people who attracted success and wealth did so because they discovered the secret of being powerful first

The way to become successful is realizing that you do have power and that you have enormous control over almost everything in your life.

You just may not be using it.

You’re happy to go along with whatever comes along.

Real power comes from knowledge and choice.

Think about it.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “knowledge is power”

And “we have free will” or “the power to choose”.

Both of these are 100% true - but few people actually use that power, Instead they let others control them, their time and their decisions. You’ve heard people say, “There’s nothing we can do”. That means they feel powerless.

Real power in business, and in life, comes from knowing what to do then making the choice to do it.

I think most people are afraid of making a mistake, and that fear reduces their power to move forward.

If they don’t move forward, they are STUCK and POWERLESS.

I’m here to clear the confusion, get you UNSTUCK and get you moving forward with POWER.

I’ve been in business for myself since 1999 - it’s the way I’ve made my living.

But before I became successful I gave myself KNOWLEDGE and the freedom of CHOICE. In other words, I realized that if I was to be successful I needed the POWER of knowing what to do and the freedom to do it without hesitation.

In each Business Opportunity Insider Report you have the opportunity to look over my shoulder as I mastermind market strategies, selling systems and use both knowledge and the power of choice to increase my wealth.

Not everyone will appreciate my bluntness, my ‘tell it like it is’ writing style. But if you’re looking for truth, a coach who won’t let you give up on yourself, and success in your life then you deserve to subscribe.

Don’t fall for these excuses for not being successful:

“I’m too young…”

“I’m too old…”

“I can’t learn how to [fill in the blank]…”

“I don’t know how to write…”

“My parents never made more than $50,000 a year so I can’t either…”

“I didn’t finish [college] [high school] [grade school]… “

You see, none of that matters if you really WANT

success bad enough

My guiding philosophy for my business and my life is:

Your life, your business, your choices

The cold hard truth is: you’re powerless because you feel powerless but I’ll demonstrate how you can INSTANTLY gain power.

Just say “no” more often to things you don’t want to do, and “YES!” to things that are going to help you succeed.

You have the right and the freedom to protect your time, sanity and decide what you will do and what you won’t do. To decide what is in your best interest and what’s not.

Not many people exercise the power of choice, and instead do whatever anyone asks them to do. And you do it because you’re a nice person, but deep inside you lose a little power with each acquiescence.

Remember, power comes from both freedom to choose and knowledge.

Knowledge is very powerful, but has to be the right kind of knowledge.

Experiential knowledge is the best. Experiential knowledge is based on experience and observation. Experiential knowledge and observation leads you places that you may never have guessed was the right way to go.

Here’s something I observed recently that is extremely powerful:

There’s a recent start-up that just raised a million dollars to bake cookies called Last Crumb.

The founders started with a  simple idea: they wanted to create the Rolex of cookies. In other words, just about the best cookie in the world.

They make incredible, mouth watering ‘luxury’ cookies - at a very premium price - $150 per dozen.

Their pictures and copy are really good (amazing, actually), but the way they sell them is something all Internet marketers are familiar with: scarcity.

They call it the ‘drop model’ but it’s really just selling through scarcity because, in reality, they can only ‘make’ so many cookies each week. So what they do is open the virtual doors just once each week to sell all the cookies they’ve baked (you can’t just order anytime you want) and they typically sell out their entire monthly batch in…. get this… less than one minute.

They don’t reveal how many dozen they sell but I bet it’s as many as they can bake.

The cookies are good, no doubt, but I bet you can find something similar in your area.

The point of this example is that if they can make a lot of money from baking cookies, just imagine what you can do - with a little knowledge of sales and marketing.

Anyone can be successful with this model - with virtual or with physical goods.

I write about these types of businesses and about clients that I’ve helped, new ways of selling, marketing and so much more in each Report.

It comes out monthly. If you subscribe now you get the latest 5 reports plus every report that comes out each month for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Each report also comes with an audio (podcast of sorts) which always includes expanded information and additional information not found in the written report.

It’s affordable mentoring and coaching for success orientated people - if that’s not you then you need not apply.

But if you have a business now, are thinking of starting one or just want some well-deserved success in your life, then I invite you to subscribe and get that feeling of actually doing something positive to help yourself.

Subscribe now and get my Report about the incredible new content you can create using AI. This will be more like a Masterclass! I’ll tell you how to create books, with illustrations in minutes. Children’s books - a piece of cake. Short books on Amazon - a walk in the park. Fiction, non-fiction - AI can do it all. Maybe some light editing at most. What about illustrations? I made each of these in 30 seconds:

Art Deco Man With Briefcase

60’s Girl by the Pool

Golden Haired Rock Star

Yes even the ‘photo’ of the little girl was made by AI. She’s not a real person!

Here’s one illustration I did in AI for a children’s book I’m writing (right).

You can also create brand new characters that never existed before, like my “Donald Croc on a Scooter” (left).

Bunny on a Bench

D. Croc on a Scooter

The AI (artificial intelligence) phenomenon has just recently gotten good enough for use in business applications and will create multiple millionaires, maybe even a few billionaires, over the next several years.

Report #6 of the Business Opportunity Insider Report will cover the business, the techniques, the platforms, the methods and the opportunity for cashing in on this phenomenon.

If you’re looking for little-known, high pay-off opportunities, then subscribe today. Knowledge really is POWER… it’s your choice to acquire it or not…

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Comments from previous clients and customers

"Dear David, On behalf of Adam Khoo and myself, I would like to say a big 'THANK YOU!' for all the fabulous support you've shown us! It's been wonderful to have known and met you and we wish you all the best in your various endeavors... you've been a fabulous marketer and a wonderful role model to us and I wouldn't be where I am today without your support... Sincerely, - Adam Wong,

“I buy *lots* of stuff and typically I see almost the exact same ol’ – same ol’ stuff. Dave’s information is hot and from inside the trenches which makes it even more valuable. I recommend it for anyone who wants to build an online information business.” -Yanik Silver, CEO, Evolved Enterprise

“I was just thinking about the other day who would be the person I learned the most from, or who would be the person I would call one of my mentors… I think you would be the one. And I wanted to thank you for this. People just forget to say thank you in the daily grind. :-)” – Peter Lenkefi

"Hi Dave, I've already been reading through the information and this is some great stuff!!! Needless to say I've paid for a lot of "membership" sites in the last few months and have usually ended up disappointed. Your site actually has USEFUL information. Thanks!" - Chris Ross, Pres, VisitorBlast

“Hi David, I’ve been silent, but extremely active about your training. I’ve learned a lot of incredible concepts. You have changed almost everything in my business philosophy. I did everything wrong! … I have learned from (other gurus) etc. and my own experience. … But the information you give is too valuable… and would never reveal it … I’m very serious about that.” -Yan Basil

“I’ve followed many of them and to be honest I was a bit skeptical at first. Now I must admit that this course can easily compete with every training from the so called Guru’s. It even goes beyond that since you also unveil your personal operations details based on your strategies! I’ve never seen that before and it is invaluable. I just want to let you know that right now I’m restructuring my site based on your training program. Thank you very much for the insights and precious information.” -Case Stevens

” Your course has been truly outstanding and I’ve picked up some valuable pointers even though I am a 31 year veteran of marketing.” – Ellery Coleman

“Ask any web marketer worth his salt and they’ll tell you that most of the copywriting ebooks and manuals being sold on the net today are pure junk. It’s either recycled verbiage, hyped up theory or a plane old lie. Bottom line is you’d be better served spending your money on a pizza than to buy some of the crap online today. Carefully Crafted Emails And Web Copy is different. It contains real strategies from a true net marketing war horse – David Vallieres. You won’t find any b.s. theory here. Every technique is time tested, simple to follow, easy to apply and above all — devastatingly profitable. This program is a true marketing gem. Get this!” – Lenny Eng

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